About Us


Ren·ais·sance Man

/ˈˌrenəˈˌsäns man/ 1. noun - a person with many talents or areas of knowledge.
What started out as a hobby quickly became an obsession, like most things in my life…

In 2016 after trying countless beard products I set out on a journey to create only extraordinary beard products. Too many products will leave your beard greasy with unfavorable scents. Renaissance Man Beard Company (RMBEARDCO) was created for the sophisticated men who take pride in their facial hair.

As a life-long corporate guy, I have always had facial hair but have struggled to find the products that would help me manage it. I needed products with the resilience that it would look good while wearing sports coats going from airplanes to boardrooms to hotel rooms during a 16-hour workday. I needed a product that traveled well and was of "above average" quality. After dozens of personal trials and countless referrals, I decided I needed to create my own.

This was the inception of RMBEARDCO. Our beard oils are made in the USA with pure, all-natural oils. More importantly, is the premium quality of our oils is our blends. Visit "Our Oils" page to get the full rundown of our premium ingredients.

RMBEARDCO Beard Oils are designed by a corporate bearded guy that is also a garlic farmer, author, and father. Our oils are designed for the most sophisticated of Renaissance Men.