The Legend of Alpine Jones Beard Balm 2 oz. Tin - 0015

The Legend of Alpine Jones Beard Balm 2 oz. Tin - 0015

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Keep your beard looking healthy and maintained with beard balm. Beard balm helps tame your beard giving it a finished look. Our balms are smooth, not gritty, and offer the right amount of oils to ensure your beard doesn't look greasy. Our Beard Balm contains high-quality oils, butters, and beeswax to seal in the moisture while giving your beard the hold you desire. 


Are you the kind of renaissance man that eats orange popsicles on a hot July day and chases them with your favorite bourbon? If so, this might be your new favorite scent! 

The legend of Alpine Jones. Alpine Jones born in 1837 and resided in Delaware, Ohio left behind a legacy of fables and tall tales. While none of the fables are documented, you are bound to hear them told around campfires, on a fishing dock with a father and son or on a long road trip when the radio fades in the rearview mirror. Legend has it, Alpine Jones with his spectacular mustache actually blended this scent himself over 100 years ago. 

The Legend of Alpine Jones is designed to keep his undocumented legacy alive with all who support facial hair worthy enough to wear this scent that is as complexed as the man himself. 

The Legend of Alpine Jones has a richness of warm vanilla paired with citrus and a warm blend of spicy Bourbon. 

Scented with: Vanilla Bean, Mandarin Oranges, Labdanum, Rose Absolute, Opopanax, Tobacco Absolute, Clary Sage, and Bourbon.

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